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My Practice Book - English - Primer B
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Product Highlights:

  • Integrated curriculum
  • Skill based teaching
  • Thematic learning
  • Higher Order Thininking Assessments.
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My Practice Book - English - Primer B
The NextBooksTM team is advised by a board of prominent educators. These professionals have, for decades, been passionately involved in the education sector. With rich experience in their respective domains, the board members are deeply involved in NextBooksTM production right from conceptualising the curricula to final proofing.
Ms Prema Muralidhar, MA, MEd, MBA
has over 28 years of experience as a principal and a CEO. She has led various organisations and chain schools, and has excelled in areas as diverse as teacher/student management initiatives, administration, quality assurance, and training and development.
Dr Dheeraj Mehrotra, M Phil
is an author and an educational innovator. He has authored over 35 books on Computer Science for ICSE/ISC/CBSE schools and has published over 800 papers. He received the National Award for Best Teacher from the Hon'ble President of India in 2006.
Dr Sapna Agarwal, MA, MSc
has been a principal and a Master Trainer. She has conducted over 3000 hours of corporate training.
Ms Sunila Malhotra, MA, Dip. H. E.
has over 40 years of experience in the field of Education. She has been the principal of three well-nown schools. She has also been a teacher trainer and is an author of several school books.
Ms Sunmita Shinde, MA, MEd
has served in premier educational institutions for a decade as a teacher and a teacher trainer. She excels in the fields of copy-editing and material development (ELT). A renowned resource person for English language training, she has conducted several workshops on CCE and experiential learning for CBSE and ICSE schools.
Ms Romaa Joshi, MA
has been the principal of four eminent schools and is now an academic consultant and corporate trainer. She has been an examiner for Trinity College, London for several years.
Ms Poonamjit Kaur, MA, BEd
has been the founding principal of many reputed schools. An expert in education management, she has in-depth knowledge of educational psychology, instructional skills and pedagogy. She constantly tries to adapt and innovate to ensure that teaching and learning can be made interesting and fun. We also acknowledge the feedback from more than 150,000 teachers and 7,00,000 students who have used NextEducation products over the last 9 years.

The English series is a set of curriculum books designed to address the need for a comprehensive language curriculum for levels 1-8 through a three-part series comprising Books A, B and C. Books A and B provide the core instructional content. Book C has additional practice material.

The language syllabus in the series is based on various approaches (skill-based, whole language, structural and functional). Content is organised thematically in the form of stories, plays, poems and infographics. Exercises and tasks facilitate the teaching of listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation.

In the primary levels, the series begins with a recap lesson that focuses on the concepts learnt in the previous grade. In Levels 7 and 8, every unit is accompanied by a worksheet on academic skills that focus on study skills.

Besides the core curriculum, the series has an integrated grammar companion that parallels the core grammar syllabus. The companion seeks to provide learners with a good understanding of the fundamentals of English grammar.

The series integrates a carefully graded progression of cursive writing patterns in levels 1 and 2. The introductory lessons in the core instructional book are intended to be followed up with practice through the Cursive series. In levels 3, 4 and 5, cursive writing provides practice through fun facts and tidbits.

The core syllabus also integrates supplementary reading through interesting short reads as well as thematic projects based on Multiple Intelligences and Life Skills.

The series provides homework material in the form of extra reading content as well as exercises that reinforce the lessons.

This series is further supported by

  • A Teacher Manual that offers pedagogical support in the form of activities, classroom strategies, listening inputs, answer keys, question bank and detailed parameters for both formative and summative assessment;
  • A Resource Kit for the primary levels that contains multi-concept board games, charts and worksheets for extended practice; and
  • Digital content that integrates the lessons via TeachNext, Next Education's award-winning digital learning solution.
  • NextBooks is the winner of the 'Best School Books Solution' award at the Global Learn Tech Conference and Awards, 2014.